We're so excited to finally offer sustainably harvested Palo Santo from our friends at Incausa. Please keep in mind that this is a sacred plant and that a little bit goes a loooong way. 

This Palo Santo wood is ethically harvested in Peru and certified by the National Forest and Wild Fauna Service (SERFOR). SERFOR regulates who can harvest Palo Santo to ensure sustainable forest management and benefits the communities that the Palo Santo comes from.

Incausa is a grassroots organization committed to Indigenous social entrepreneurship and sustainability. Their products are fair trade certified from sourcing to fulfillment. Even the offscourings from sage, wood and resins that fall during handling and processing are not wasted, but captured and recycled to produce incense (yes to this!).


*A note from our founder — While sage and Palo Santo burning has become more and more trendy, it very much remains a sacred ceremonial purifying ritual in many Indigenous cultures. A practice that only up until recently was illegal and prosecuted. Overharvesting, exploitation, and cultural appropriation are major issues today. We will only be offering small batches of sage and Palo Santo. Truth be told, I was hesitant to even offer these medicinal plants in our store, but I also want to provide a sustainable, ethically-sourced alternative to what is being sold in retail chain stores for our customers. Please only purchase what you need. In gratitude Xx, Ksenia


  • high resin Palo Santo natura (bursera graveolens) 
  • certified by SERFOR
  • sold individually
  • 3"-5" pieces
  • Hold one end of the Palo Santo stick over a flame until it begins to burn. You’ll know it’s lit when the stick is creating a mini-flame of its own. *Tip: hold the stick downward at a 45-degree angle.
  • Allow the stick to extinguish itself and the cleansing smoke to rise through the air.
  • Use Palo Santo before/after yoga and meditation. Wave the smoke over the areas you'd like to cleanse, or place the Palo Santo in an incense holder and allow the smoke to do its thing.
  • When you're done, place the Palo Santo on a fireproof surface, until next time. Use until the entire piece of wood is charred.
  • Palo Santo is 100% biodegradable.
  • It is considered disrespectful to throw away Palo Santo, even after it has burned. Return the Palo Santo (and the negative energy it has cleansed for you) to the earth by burying it in the ground. The earth and plants will thank you!

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