Hi! So happy you're here.

At Ananday, people and planet are everything.

We make plastic-free, non-toxic, carbon-neutral, planet-kind yoga essentials designed to support your body and our planet.

Because it turns out most yoga products are made from toxic plastics (aka fossil fuels) and synthetics, wrapped in more plastic, that harm us and mama earth. And that's not cool.

Good news is, when we take care of ourselves, we take care of our planet.

From our founder.

"I found yoga while working on Wall Street, struggling with crippling stress and anxiety. When I was at my lowest, yoga and meditation transformed my life and opened the door to healing.

But after years of practicing and teaching, I was frustrated endlessly searching for safe and sustainable products for myself and my students, and not finding anything I loved (or trusted).

So I took a leap to create a brand that honors the values of yoga — one with beautiful, functional essentials made from natural materials, in conscious packaging, that gives back, and, most importantly, supports you throughout your wellness journey."

— Ksenia, Founder & CEO

Ananday yoga essentials are designed to support your body and our planet. We plant trees for every piece and offset over 100% of our carbon footprint.

Our committment.

Our pieces are consciously made from sustainable, plant-based materials — without the harmful stuff. All of our products are biodegradable and easily recyclable. Our priority since the beginning has been to minimize waste from production, to delivery, to end-of-life.

To honor where our materials come from, we plant trees for every piece and offset over 100% of our carbon footprint. We've been Climate Neutral Certified since 2019.

We are an independent, self-funded, woman-owned company. We believe sustainability starts within, that caring for yourself — body and breath — ripples outward, and that together, we can make things a little better for mama earth.

Ananda means bliss in sanskrit. Anan/day is a self-loving revolution to connect to our bliss every day.