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Hi! Meet Ananday

Hi! We make plastic-free, non-toxic, carbon-neutral yoga and pilates essentials designed to support you and mama earth. Because the good news is, when we take care of ourselves, we take care of our planet.

Our pieces are consciously made from natural, renewable, plant-based materials — without the harmful stuff.

No plastic. No harsh chemicals. No toxins. For a practice that's good for you and good for mama earth.


Biodegradable & recyclable

Including the packaging.

From the earth to the earth

We plant trees for every piece and offset (over) 100% of our carbon footprint — to give back more than we take.

All connected

We believe sustainability starts within. And that caring for yourself — body and breath — ripples outward.

Ananda means bliss in sanskrit. Anan/day is a self-loving revolution to connect to our bliss every day.

What we're made for.

A sweaty practice, a slow flow, an omg it’s hot class, a chilled out restorative sesh, a trip to your living room, a trip around the world.

By yogis for yogis. Our pieces are made to support your body, your sweat, your wobbles, falls, tears, laughs, and all the in betweens!

Our bestselling mat
Ananday Cork Yoga Mat

What we're made from.

Natural, sustainable, plant-based materials.

No junk, no toxins, no PVC, no TPE, no phthalates, no synthetics, no plastic. 100% biodegradable and recyclable, including the packaging.

From the earth, to you, and safely back to the earth.

Our story

As within, so without.

We believe yoga transforms — our body, our mind, our world. When we take care of ourselves, we take care of our planet.

Truth is, most yoga products today are made from toxic plastics and synthetics (packaged in more plastic) that leach onto us as we practice and pollute the earth for hundreds of years. Yikes!

Together we can make things a little better for our planet.

Learn how we pack
Ananday sun salutation

A practice that gives.

With your help, we partner with Trees For The Future to plant trees for every piece sold. Each tree becomes part of a forest garden that helps end the cycle of hunger, poverty, and deforestation.

Why trees? Because trees are one of the most effective ways to ¹capture CO2, ²prevent soil erosion, ³increase soil fertility, ⁴recycle water, ⁵protect biodiversity, and ⁶provide sustainable agriculture for local communities. We love trees.

P.S. We measure and offset 100% of our carbon footprint.

Our impact
Ananday x Trees For The Future - trees planted for every piece

What they're saying:

Perfect Grip! Best Mat! LOVE this mat! It has the perfect amount of grip, didn’t have a funky smell when I took it out of the box, and is more lightweight than other cork mats I have seen. I have been practicing yoga for almost 15 years, have tried Manduka, Liforme, Jade, and the Ananday is my favorite!

— Maria

Exactly what I was looking for! I was on the search for yoga equipment that would be sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and quality gear. Once I found Ananday I was convinced and bought a block, yoga mat, and strap. I love them all and they are so pretty to look at too! Highly recommended!

— Reilly

Incredible Yoga Mat! As a newbie to hot yoga (and 215 lb guy), I’ve been slipping and sliding for a few months now. I finally pulled the trigger on the Ananday mat, and could not be happier. It’s grippy, extremely well made, and has great dimensions. Not to mention planet friendly! Would recommend.

— Andrew

Incredible Mat!!! I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 8 years now and I have tried Every type of yoga mat from the cheap ones to the $150+ mats. I can say with total confidence that Ananday makes the Best mat out there. Durable and especially amazing for Hot Yoga because it actually gives you grip.

— Valentine

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