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Plastic-free(ish) July

Ananday Low Waste Staples

Welcome to July!

Plastic-free July is usually happening right about now, but this year feels very different. Between more deliveries, face masks, and limited access to bulk stores, my plastic waste has shot up. And that's ok. My mom is home from the hospital and life is different.

If anything, this simply goes to show how deeply pervasive plastic is, and how much of a privilege it is to go low waste. Without access, and resources, and with life threatening conditions, all of which disproportionately affect Black people and people of color, plastic is not the #1 battle.

Nor should it be a burden for individuals to bare, when mega corporations and fossil fuel companies (plastic is a highly subsidized product of petroleum) are producing more than ever and shifting the cost of pollution, climate change, and loss of health to consumers.

With so little time left to slow emissions, policy-driven change must come from governments (because corporations are not stopping of their own accord). But our individual actions do still matter. I will believe this always.


1. Are your registered to vote in November? If yes, be sure you know your absentee ballot options. IF NOT, REGISTER HERE (but like actually do it).

2. Consuming less and shifting our reliance away from big corporations and single-use plastic (when possible) does put pressure on companies to produce eco-friendly alternatives. It also gives us our power back. From filtering water, to growing our own food, to bulk shopping, to transitioning to reusables (which means fewer trips to the store during Covid!) here are my go-to low-waste swaps (on Pinterest).


Where to buy:

— Package Free Shop

— Wild Minimalist

— No Tox Life

— Life Without Plastic

— The Wally Shop (100% waste free delivery)

— Zero Shop (West Coast)

— Azure Standard (bulk health foods online)

 Arbor Teas (bulk teas)

 Mountain Rose Herbs (bulk herbs)


Stay safe, stay well!

Ksenia Xx


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