My go-to sustainable warm weather favorites

Ksenia's sustainable summer favorites

My go-to sustainable warm weather favorites

Summer has arrived (finally)! Here are my go-to sustainable warm weather favorites — for a weekend getaway, a spontaneous beach trip, or a carefree backyard hang. Soak in the start of the summer, the long days, and warm sun rays.

Xx  Ksenia


1. Zoca Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Sun protection is a must, and this sunscreen is packed with UVA/UVB shielding and nourishing botanicals. Reef-safe and packaged in recycled aluminum, for a planet kind tan.

2. Junes Market Tote

A bright, durable and sustainable carry-all, yes please. Made from Bio-Knit fabric that behaves like natural fibers and is helping close the loop on plastic pollution. Female-founded and sewn by an all-female co-op in Mexico.

3. Ananday Travel Mat

To support your workouts, wherever summer takes you. Foldable & ultra portable — throw in a tote or pack into a carry-on — for wellness on-the-go. Made from renewable tree rubber + woven jute. Plastic-free and 100% biodegradable.

4. Studio Qila Pilates

Pair our travel mat with Qila on demand (and live!) Pilates classes. Designed with minimal equipment, small spaces and busy schedules in mind. Bridget and Erica will challenge your body in the best way possible. Indigenous and woman owned.

5. Glass & Cork To-Go Cup

For matcha on the go, sans plastic. Iced drinks are gloriously refreshing in the summer heat, but that single-use plastic, not so much. Loving this reusable cup for coffee shop refills and home brew to-go. The cork band is upcycled from wine cork production in Portugal.


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