Ananday Journal — 10 Eco Essentials For Your Yoga Bag

10 Eco Essentials For Your Yoga Bag

Ananday Journal — 10 Eco Essentials For Your Yoga Bag

We’ve all been there. We look on the schedule, see that fire 🔥yoga class starting in less than 30 minutes, and think, “YES, I can DO THIS.” You drop everything and run out the door.

Then you get the studio, open your bag, and @#$%! — you forgot your yoga shorts...

Mmmhm. This has happened to us more times than we can count 😂

We get it. Your life is hectic, you’re always on the go.

Having a pre-packed yoga bag is an EASY way to always be ready for practice. Less time rushing around looking for your mat / water bottle / shorts / etc, means more time on your mat.

PLUS, it’s more eco friendly & saves moolah. Bringing your own yoga gear + snacks = not paying for plastic-contained things when the thirst and hanger kick in. WIN WIN.


The 9 eco essentials in our yoga bag:

1. Carry all yoga mat bag – Natural cotton canvas. No polyester, no plastic, no synthetics. All your yoga things safe and sound 🙌

2. Cork & natural tree rubber mat – No PVC, PER, no TPE, no latex, no harsh chemicals here. 100% biodegradable. Breathe easy, leave no waste.

3. Natural cotton yoga strap – because you never know when you’ll be craving that deeper stretch. 100% cotton.

4. Turkish towel – for when you work up a sweat. Any 100% cotton towel works. We love this one because it doubles as a picnic or beach blanket #doubleduty. Coyuchi is a brand we love, committed to sustainability and minimally processed organic & natural textiles.

5. Raw 80%+ chocolate – a raw, vegan, energy boost before or after class. Raw cacao is high in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, and is a natural mood elevator. Yes to that. Fine & Raw is made locally in Brooklyn, which we can definitely get behind.

6. Reusable water bottle – stainless steel, ultra durable, and the 64 oz ensures you’re drinking plenty of water. This one is by Klean Kanteen. The swing lock cap is perfect if you’re one.. to sometimes misplace things 🙂

7. DIY mat cleaner spray – there are now lots of options now to buy ready-made sprays but 1) that’s a lot of extra plastic 2) extra moolah 3) and it’s so easy to make your own. Just 4 ingredients, one of which is water.

8. Liquid chlorophyll – meet your greens-on-the-go. A few drops in your water oxygenates the body, promotes detoxification, and is a natural internal deodorant. Yes, please and thank you, especially when we end up practicing practically on top of our neighbor.

9. Change of clothes – great to always have a clean, dry swap of clothes packed. This one is actually a tough item to make #zerowaste because the majority of popular brands use polyester and nylon. Natural cotton is hard to come by. Pact, Hyde and so we flow (for men) are some awesome brands that use 90%+ organic cotton in their yoga wear.

What are your must-have items? We’d love to know! (Comment below)


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