Ananday Journal — 5 Zero Waste Yoga Swaps

5 Easy Zero Waste Yoga Swaps

If yoga is about taking care of our bodies and our wellbeing (our temple as some would say), what about the external stuff? How does that fit in? How can we make our practice more sustainable for the whole planet?

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Ananday Journal — 10 Eco Essentials For Your Yoga Bag

10 Eco Essentials For Your Yoga Bag

We’ve all been there. We look on the schedule, see that fire yoga class starting in less than 30 minutes, and think, “YES, I can DO THIS.” You drop everything and run out the door.

Then you get the studio, open your bag, and @#$%! — you forgot your yoga shorts...

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Ananday Journal — The Toxins In Yoga Accessories

The Toxic Truth About Yoga Accessories

“The quality of your breath is the quality of your life.” — Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

The troubling thing is, in modern times it’s not just about how we breathe, but also about what we breathe. We’re surrounded by contamination and pollution.

Unfortunately, when it comes to yoga accessories, it’s no different.

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