Social Justice

Climate justice is social justice.

The definition of sustainability is the ability to exist consistently (Wikipedia).

Today, Black Brown and Indigenous Peoples do not have the fundamental human right to exist consistently.

BIPOC are systematically discriminated against, dehumanized, oppressed, exploited, traumatized, prosecuted, incarcerated, killed. Their well-being, homes, and way of life uprooted and destroyed through institutionalized white colonialism and extractive capitalism. Black and brown bodies are on the frontlines of climate change.

If a movement for "sustainability" does not center the voices of BIPOC, who have been protecting our planet since the beginning of time, then that activism is reserved for the privileged few.

"The unwritten assumption of 'sustainability' is the ability to continue to exist, not by any means necessary and in any state, but ethically, equitably and with prosperity." — Slow Factory


May 31, 2020

I am heartbroken and infuriated by the back-to-back murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless others in the United States. I recognize that this is nothing new, that this has been happening for 400+ years, through horrific violent acts and far more subtle everyday racism — this is oppression by design. And as a society, we have been complicit.

As a business owner, I am dedicated to dismantling white supremacy and building a stronger, more equitable, sustainable future.

I believe that businesses have an unequivocal responsibility to support the communities that hold them up.

Right now there is an urgent need to center and elevate the Black community, and to support activists fighting against systemic racism and state sanctioned (escalating) violence with ¹money, ²political engagement, and ³physical protection. Below are some organizations fighting for justice. There are so many out there, doing the grassroots work. Please consider donating.

For the month of June, we will be redirecting 100% of our tree planting donations to Campaign Zero, an organization working to end police violence in America.

As Ananday grows, I will actively seek out Black-owned companies and individuals to partner with for business, creative projects and collaborations. I commit to building a diverse team that represents differences in race, sexuality and thought. Ananday is a self-funded, immigrant female-founded start-up with one full-time employee (me!), but no matter the size, I have a platform, and it is my responsibility to use it.

Anti-racism work is a forever commitment. It is an unlearning of the conditioning that we have grown up with and inherited, so deeply ingrained that many (myself included) may not even be aware of the ways in which it shows up, until it reaches the news... But this work must not fade with today's headlines. It is not enough to post, hashtag, make a statement, and move on. It's far past time for white people to open our eyes, lean into our discomfort, watch, listen, educate ourselves, amplify Black voices, have difficult conversations, step up, take action, and use our privilege to create lasting change.

I write this not for acknowledgment, but because transparency and education is the only way we can do better, together.

Black lives matter. 



Where to donate:


Color Of Change

Know Your Rights Camp

Real Justice PAC

Reclaim The Block

The Bail Project

The Loveland Foundation

The Movement For Black Lives

Trans Women Of Color


Anti-racism resources