No. 4 — Home Practice, Quarantine Edition

No. 4 — Home Practice, Quarantine Edition

Many of us are going into month 2 of quarantine. Wow. Rollercoaster is an understatement. Here are some resources that are keeping me sane and grounded during this surreal time.

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No. 3 — On Accessible Wellness

No. 3 — On Accessible Wellness

Supporting our mind-body-spirit enables our immune system to do what it's designed to do — heal itself — when (inevitable) challenges come up. Here are my go-to, holy grail, preventative, immunity-boosting staples on a bootstrapping budget.

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5 ways to help the planet

5 Ways To Help The Planet (How Yoga Got Me Caring)

Truth be told, before I started practicing yoga, I didn’t give much thought to the environment, or how to help save the planet. I’ve always loved animals and nature and a good beach day, but sustainability wasn’t top of mind. I also loved shopping, fast food, and all the latest things. Every week bags of trash would go out on the street. I think we recycled, but I’m not sure.

But then something shifted.

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Breathwork intro guide

Breathwork Intro, An Anxiety Quickfix

For the most part our breath is on autopilot. We breathe whether we think about it or not (thank goodness, got enough on my plate!)

BUT what’s so interesting is that if we do start to think about our breath, we begin to control it. We can consciously slow it down, speed it up, pause it. Our awareness affects our breath. Breath is the ONLY function in the body like that. That’s why breath is so special.

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Herbal coffee recipe

No-Coffee Coffee, Herbal Alternative For Your Nervous System

Ah yes, the modern cycle of late nights and early morning coffee.

It’s something that seems fine and sustainable. Or so I thought.. when working 80+ hours a week in finance and later at tech startups. It kept me going when I was running on little sleep, crappy food, no exercise, and brain fog. But was coffee really helping or was it a band-aid?

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Natural yoga mat cleaner

DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

As we practice, we release a lot of energy. “Exhale, release anything that no longer serves you…” Energy doesn’t just disappear. Some of it transfers into our space and onto our mat.

That’s why it’s such an important practice to regularly cleanse your mat and your space of negative energy that may have gotten stuck.

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5 zero waste yoga swaps

5 Easy Zero Waste Yoga Swaps

If yoga is about taking care of our bodies and our wellbeing (our temple as some would say), what about the external stuff? How does that fit in? How can we make our practice more sustainable for the whole planet?

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10 eco essentials for your yoga bag

10 Eco Essentials For Your Yoga Bag

We’ve all been there. We look on the schedule, see that fire yoga class starting in less than 30 minutes, and think, “YES, I can DO THIS.” You drop everything and run out the door.

Then you get the studio, open your bag, and @#$%! — you forgot your yoga shorts...

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The toxins in yoga accessories

The Toxic Truth About Yoga Accessories

“The quality of your breath is the quality of your life.” — Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

The troubling thing is, in modern times it’s not just about how we breathe, but also about what we breathe. We’re surrounded by contamination and pollution.

Unfortunately, when it comes to yoga accessories, it’s no different.

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